In my State of America 2020 post, we went over the many layers of existential crisis America is currently facing. The most pressing one is the economic issue. I wrote:

The next big area of concern is the economy. I actually studied economics in college, and I'll be the first to tell you that most of it is over-wrought academic mumbo-jumbo. What ultimately matters is that the job-money-rent-food cycle continues "working" for most* citizens. Very serious threats like hyperinflation / devaluation of currency, or mass defaults of households and businesses are now on the horizon. When James Carville said "it's the economy, stupid", he was referring to this; if most* people cannot sustain their livelihoods through the economic system, and order cannot be kept through the judicial / military system, that's when the zombie apocalypse starts. Nobody wants the zombie apocalypse to start.

Well, it's been about a full month. I am unhappy to report that the zombie apocalypse unfortunately seems closer than ever. Alex Jones is probably wondering what seasoning goes best on his neighbors.

I'm joking, of course. Kind of. Here's a brief recap of our economic situation, as of July 31: